Attitude by Nature

-What if you gave your family a vacation adding an evolving healing experience? Healthy treat and retreat and fun activities at the same time.

-Time to become real? Take a leap in your spiritual growth in a safe environment, together with skilled therapists and teachers.

We offer comfy Glam camp settings with space for everyday Yoga/Tai Chi practice next to great surf breaks around the world. Suiting treatments for your wellbeing and recovery always available.

-Experience the local magic with a Temazcal (sweatlodge ceremony).

Enjoy our "Tao Surf Camps" around the globe and unwind the turmoils of everyday life, learning naturalways for personal growth with skilled teachers and loving staff.

-Playful fun challenged by the forces of Nature.

-Design your journey to your own comfort and weigh the level of participance to activities offered according to your own value.

-Come to a beautiful natural setting and find inner balance and strength communing with Nature through spiritual practice, prayers and ceremony. Simple and just.

-With us you can immerge in your personal retreat, knowing your family find their fun and adventure they wish for.

-Learn new skills like Stand Up paddle boarding, wave surfing through the practice of Taoist Qi Gong Core & Balance training.

-Adventure walks in Nature emerging visions, clarity of mind.

-Allow the Universal Pulse in Nature give way to your life rytm.

Retreat through Experience