Sweat Lodge Ceremony 5-7th of June 2020.

Sweatlodge Ceremony

Cost: 3200kr/weekend -full board (2800 kr/early bird before 21/5, student price) Includes: retreat, pvt room and meals

Place: Shambala Gatherings, Skinnskatteberg , Västmanland, Sweden

BOOK HERE or send us an e-mail for signing up or any questions you might have.

What a great way to get familiar with natural ways for deep physical-emotional cleansing, clearing of distracting thoughts, touching a truly spiritual experience. Co-creating experience with the others and yet creating a shift in our personal lives?

Come and get acquainted with the medicine work of the Sweatlodge Ceremony in a Nordic setting. Take this opportunity to not only get to know these ancient ways but also submerge in your own process of healing.

-We merge ourselves in this ancestral cleansing ritual in a very practical way surrounded by the mysticism of Swedish forest. We present and guide you through the work with this very powerful tool in a easy and plain way.

Setting an intent for change on personal level as to the what we want to see in the Community. We explore ways to re connect to Nature and the Great Spirit and find ways to deepen our connection to Mother Earth. Getting familiar with the elements and the essence of their qualities.

Healing benefits in this Rebirthing process where to forgive, forget and let go of the old, inviting your cosmic self and tuning in to the inherent qualities of your being.

Realigning with Universal Source. Reconnecting to the elements understanding natural laws hands on.

  • Mentally: Offering clarity upon our true mission in Life, freeing mind from distraction.
  • Physically: Detox organs, blood cleansing…antibacterial and wound healing benefits.
  • Spiritually: Allows for introspection, deepening our connection to the spirit world and Mother Earth

In this and future weekend gatherings we intend to share with you a few other ancient tools and techniques. Chi Kung (Taoist Qi Gong, UHT), Shamanic Soundscapes, Drum journey and Yoga flow to prepare body and mindset for merging deeper in to our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. The way it has helped us to stay on a healthy and centered path in our relations.


/Julian & Sami

Sami in action…



16.00 Check in.

17.00 Opening circle. Introduction about what to come.

18.00 Dinner.

20.00 Shamanic soundscapes

21.00 Fire sauna by the lake


8.00 Morning excercise Chi Kung

9.00 Breakfast

10.30-12:30 Work planning and harvest willows for Sweat lodge.

12:30-13:30 LUNCH

15:00 Community work, preparing and putting it all together.

16:00-20:00 Opening sacred space and lighting the sacred fire. Smudge cleansing and entering sweat lodge.

20:30 DINNER….

22:00 Dream time


7:30-8:30 Yogaflow Meditation

8:30 BREAKFAST (in silence)

9:30-11.00 Desmantle and recollecting

11:00-12:30 Sharing circle. Exchange medicine gifts.

13:00-14:00 LUNCH

14:30-15:00 Closing ceremony.

Additional information about ceremonies and what to bring for those signing up will be emailed after registration and payment

”This was yet the most powerful experience I’ve had in terms of my personal growth and I’ve tried many ways as plant medicine and many other therapies”